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CCTV Cameras which is also called- close circuit television are also used to ensure safety on school premises. These cctv cameras monitor all parking lots, corridors, and playground to prevent any harm on the students and faculties. CCTV cameras are installed in City main points, as Government of India is promoting Digital India so we can make our roads and market safe for public, a lot of accidents which occurs in the city can be easily sort by just viewing of the cctv cameras footage Today, many would rather give up their privacy for In fact, surveillance gadgets such as cctv cameras, personal GPS tracking devices and house alarms are widely used to ensure safety.
Our society would not survive in the 21st century without the help of electronic surveillance. Safety and security is one of the main purposes of electronic surveillance industry. Safety is the state of being secure and free from danger of any sort.
In addition to security cameras and tracking devices, house alarms are another tool used for safety measures. Many home owners purchase alarm systems in order to feel safe in or away from their homes. All in all, safety is definitely one major reason why surveillance devices are widely used. Designing a cctv layout where to place the cameras so that we can cover the maximum area by installing the minimum numbers of cameras is very important part which will help you in long term basis as it will reduce the labour cost and material cost in terms of money
. According to many websites the colleges and schools have an extensive system of surveillance cameras to monitors and records safety and security on the campus. . Another surveillance gadget on the rise is called the Personal tracker which is a human tracking device Intrusion Systems or Burglar Alarm Systems have good share of market as they keep your home safe while you are not at home or in home there are variety of alarm systems available in market, but sometimes it’s very tedious task to choose from them which is best for you, so deals in world best of best burglar alarm systems which give you a sigh of feel safe and secure either you are at home or not, the brand we deal is DSC a sister concern of Tyco Fire and Safety, products are made in Canada which are design to work in very regrious conditions which very less false alarm rate or you can zero false alarm. There are some special cameras which are design to work in some special condition such as ANPR which is Automatic Number Plate Recognition which will help to capture the image of the moving vehicle at speed of 70-100km per hour and store in the NVR(Network Video Recorder),We can also provide the software to the client and it helps to maintain the data of the moving vehicle and we can check later on if any mishappening to that area where the cctv is installed. IT keeps the image of moving vehicle and saves in its memory we can have onboard recording function on many ipcctv available in market. Now a days IP CCTV are in trends which will give you excellent picture quality even in zero light conditions. A typical cctv camera with recording system consists of 5 items number one is cctv camera, second is dvr (Digital Video Recorder)or nvr (Network Video Recorder) third is Surveillance Hard disk used recording purpose some dealer give desktop hard drive and said it will work fine but the it will not work fot long period fourth is Wiring always use a good quality wire we use Finolex 3+1cctv wire and the last is power supply and accessories(BNC connector and Power pin also called DC Pin) We are registered with many companies such as DAHUA, Honeywell, Samsung, Hikvision, Realtime Biometics,Concox,Roadpoint, Autocop, Matrix,capture,crystal,clixxo,Panasonic,Digital security company also called DSC and many more.
We at city Infotech gives you the industries best solutions in cctv, gps tracker, epbax system, biometrics, burglar alarm systems, fire systems(We have water based sprinkler system and smoke detector type panel of world most reputed brands) and solar systems(Solar we have solar water heater and solar power plant). We have clients in every field of society. Our area of service covered the city beautiful Chandigarh, Ambala, Kurukshetra, Panchkula, Mohali, Karnal, Panipat, Ludhiana, Patiala, Shimla, Una, Solan, Palampur, Shrinagar and many more. Cities like Chandigarh and Ludhiana have good paying capacity and they are aware of need of security.
chandigarh cctv market is good and used many latest technologies security cameras, such as IP CCTV, network cameras, PTZ Cameras, ANPR Cameras, GPS Trackers, Student tracker, personal Tracker, Magnetic tracker and many more security devices.
We are team of well experienced technical experts who believe in continuous learning. Our biggest achievement is that our customer is satisfied. www.cityinfotech.in

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